Intuitive Reflexology Healing

A tailor made treatment especially for you combining my gifts & skills and drawing on experience to help re-balance and restore you. Reflexology primarily reduces stress and induces deep relaxation, improves circulation, cleanses the body of toxins and impurities, revitalises energy and balances the whole system. As I work intuitively, it may clear old blocks and outdated patterns from your physical body that you are ready to let go of. These blocks may have manifested as aches, pain and muscle tightness. Sometimes the physical body needs a nudge to release what is now out of alignment with the updated you! 

Like many natural therapies, Reflexology has its roots in ancient times. The early Egyptians, Chinese and Indians worked on the feet to promote good health.  In the early years of the twentieth century Dr William Fitzgerald developed zone theory arguing that parts of the body correspond to other parts of the body and by applying pressure to one area anaesthetised a corresponding area. This was backed up by Fitzgerald’s colleague, Dr Edwin Bowers when he demonstrated that by applying pressure to an area of the hand, it had an anaesthetising effect on the corresponding area of the face.
In the 1930's physiotherapist Eunice Ingram, a student and advocate of zone theory, used zone therapy in her work. She found that the feet were the most responsive area for working the zones because they were very sensitive.  Eventually she mapped the entire body onto the feet and discovered that applying alternating pressure on various points had therapeutic effects that surpassed the previous zone therapy. And so Reflexology as we know it was born. 

Treatment sessions are available by appointment at Shine at Nine in Bude, The White Room in Bideford and Clawford Lakes Spa, nr Holsworthy.   To book or for further details call 07817 207454 or email 

I also offer distance healing sessions, 30 minutes of healing sent to you at a pre-arranged date and time. Just sit quietly at the agreed time so I can connect with your energy field no matter where you are. This can help alleviate pain, stress and anxiety bringing a sense of calm and serenity.