Peace Luxury Aura Mist

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-  Rich, Woody & Fresh Aroma -

If you need help connecting to your inner wisdom and are feeling uncertain about the changes taking place around you and globally, this is the one for you. It will help soothe your mind and bring stillness and connection. Great to use in meditation or enhance sleep.

Each bottle is individually healing infused for you before sending.


Hand blended, using high quality pure essential oils. I’ve carefully chosen and mixed a selection of essential oils to heal, sooth and calm the nervous system to enhance sleep, calm the mind and body. Simply mist your aura, your pillow or your sleep space to help you switch off. I created this blend for my daughter as a remedy for broken sleep and anxiety dreams. She used the mist on her pillow each night and within a week her sleep became more restful and restorative.  She says it’s the best sleep she’s had! With this success, I wanted to make it available to everyone! 

This luxury blend has an orange blossom hydrolat base.  I’ve created a synergistic blend of pure essential oils. I wanted to include Australian Sandalwood for its ability to still the mind and calm the emotions and it’s beneficial effect on the nervous system.  It has the ability to ground and bring us back to centre.  

Himalayan Cedarwood is in the mix for its ability to strengthen the will in times of uncertainty, helping to bring endurance and certainty connecting to our inner wisdom. 

Spikenard is also from the Himalayas and was chosen for its ability to settle the emotions, bringing peace and stability to the mind. Great for sleep, anxiety and stress.

Neroli is an exquisite and precious essential oil and its aroma is just divine, warm, rich and orange like. It’s great for nervous exhaustion, anxiety and restlessness.


Suitable for children 7 and over - Avoid in pregnancy 


Ingredients - Essential oils; Himalayan Cedarwood, Australian Sandalwood, Spikenard, Neroli. Orange Blossom Hydrolat, Preservative (grain alcohol).

Natural separation may occur - Shake before each use.