Nurture Luxury Aura Mist

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- Zingy, uplifting with soft, warm undertones -

This blend has been especially created to lift your spirits whilst calming and soothing your emotions and is supportive of your heart centred healing journey.  It has been a labour of love to perfect the blend and is in alignment with the New Earth frequencies at this unique and transformational time on the planet.
Each bottle is individually healing infused for you before sending.

The soft undertones of the most precious essential oil of all, Rose supports the healing of emotional wounds, nurturing, soothing, comforting, calming and nourishing your heart centre, enhancing self love, self acceptance and restoring trust.

Ylang Ylang is also a precious and luxurious oil that calms and supports the heart, soothing and relaxing to the nervous system, unblocking the minds ability to express joy.

May Chang brings the uplifting citrus aroma. This aroma lifts the spirits enabling connection inwardly so that Rose and Ylang Ylang can work their magic! 

I have added High Altitude Lavender essential oil for its amazing calming and healing properties and also to bring the blend together. It was the vital missing element to complete the blend. 

These pure essential oils have been blended and added to a Rose Otto Hydrolat.  

This aura spray is helpful for self healing, loss and grief, acceptance, trust. It is especially nurturing to the emotions which in turn positively affects the mind and body. It is beneficial for sleep because of its soothing abilities whilst clearing your mind. Great to use in the morning to calm and uplift you ready for your day. I don’t leave home without it! 

Suitable for children over 7 years  |  Avoid in pregnancy  

Ingredients - Essential oils; Rose Absolute - Damascena, May Chang, Ylang Ylang, Lavender. Rose Otto Hydrolat, Preservative (grain alcohol).

Natural separation may occur - Shake before each use.